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Friday 22nd March 2024 Easter

Residential Trip to Morfa Bay Adventure Centre: Last week, Llangan School's Year 5 pupils embarked on a transformative residential trip to Morfa Bay Adventure Centre, situated near Pendine in Carmarthenshire, West Wales. The excursion offered an array of thrilling activities designed to foster personal growth and social development.

Led by dedicated staff members, the pupils engaged in rock climbing, conquered high ropes courses, ventured on a night hike to Pendine Beach, participated in bodyboarding in the sea, and navigated through a mud run assault course, amongst other exhilarating endeavours.

This immersive experience not only encouraged the students to step out of their comfort zones but also promoted teamwork, resilience, and independence. By embracing challenges and overcoming obstacles, the pupils expanded their horizons and forged lasting bonds with their peers. Such experiences are instrumental in nurturing confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of adventure amongst our pupils.

Installation of Playground Markings: Llangan School is delighted to announce the recent installation of vibrant playground markings, generously provided by UNI PLAY. These captivating designs have revitalised our school grounds, creating an engaging and dynamic environment for recreational activities and outdoor learning.

From a netball/football court to a nature trail adorned with a Welsh dragon, these markings offer diverse opportunities for physical exercise, imaginative play, and educational exploration. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for their unwavering support and tireless fundraising efforts, which have made this enhancement possible. The joy and enthusiasm displayed by both children and adults alike underscore the positive impact of these additions on our school community.

Easter Celebrations: Last Friday, Llangan School radiated with joy and excitement as we celebrated Easter with a series of festive activities organised by the dedicated members of our PTA. The day commenced with a special visit from the Easter Bunny, who delighted the children with the gift of bunny ears. Following this, every class embarked on an exhilarating Easter Egg hunt throughout the school gardens, generously stocked with chocolate eggs donated by local businesses.

Additionally, our school hall was transformed into a hub of excitement with the installation of a colossal bouncy castle, where students enthusiastically participated in a HOP-A-THON challenge, ensuring continuous bouncing throughout the school day. Notably, the event was not only a source of immense enjoyment but also a remarkable fundraising endeavour, with proceeds dedicated to the construction of our new trim trail. We extend our sincere appreciation to the PTA, parents, and extended family members for their generous contributions and unwavering support in making this event a resounding success.

Staff Updates: In the realm of staff news, Llangan School bids farewell to Mrs. Prichard, who has embarked on a new chapter in her professional journey, securing a full-time position at another school. We express our gratitude for her invaluable contributions and wish her continued success in her endeavours.

Additionally, we congratulate Miss Llewellyn on the joyous arrival of her beautiful baby girl, Eleri, and extend our best wishes to both mother and child.

However, amidst these farewells and celebrations, we also bid a fond farewell to Mrs. Meek, our beloved school cook, who has been an integral part of our community for the past decade. Mrs. Meek's culinary talents, warm demeanour, and unwavering dedication to nurturing the well-being of our pupils will be greatly missed. We extend our heartfelt thanks and best wishes as she embarks on a new chapter in her professional journey.

Community Appreciation: As we approach the conclusion of this term, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest gratitude to the entire Llangan School community. From our exceptional children and dedicated staff to our supportive parents, outstanding governors, and diligent PTA members, each of you plays a vital role in our collective success. Your unwavering commitment, hard work, and collaborative spirit continue to propel Llangan School to new successes. Wishing you all a joyous and restful Easter break filled with cherished moments and fond memories.

Dring yn Uchel, Dring yn Uwch!

Climbing High, Climbing Higher!

James Griffiths,

Headteacher, Llangan School